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About Nars
For François Nars, the creation of his cosmetics company was the realisation of a dream that has led him to cross continents, work with some of Hollywood’s brightest stars and become a major figure in the worlds of fashion and beauty. After graduating from the Carita Makeup School in Paris, Nars moved to New York City in 1984, where he wasted no time in locating and working with some of the most renowned designers and artists around such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs. Before long, François Nars’ unique way of looking at women’s cosmetics had made him a key figure in the industry and sought after by celebrities such as Sharon Stone, Michele Pfeiffer and Madonna. Nars’ vision was to see the true natural beauty of the woman and to use cosmetics to enhance it rather than cover or alter it, meaning that each of his women looked their best while keeping their individuality.

In 1994 Nars launched his first cosmetics in New York, which were celebrated for their rich colours and textures and became an instant success. One of the great things about Nars cosmetics is that they are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the women who use them. As François Nars himself says; “It’s all about finding different ways to express individual beauty and personality.” Nars products can be instantly recognised by their distinctive modern black packaging with large Nars logo in white. Designed by Fabien Baron, it is intended to make the user feel sophisticated and luxurious. Another great feature is that that all Nars products are designed to be easy and fun to use, the extensive range allowing for experimentation and 3-in-1 products such as The Multiple meaning that makeup can be applied quickly as well as efficiently.

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