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Kose Grandaine Travel Set: Cleansing Cream 25g + Lotion 33ml + Emulsion 33ml + Cream 15g + 2xEye Mask + Cotton 7pcs
$66.83 to $56.87
From 3 Stores
Kose Grandaine Travel Set: Creamy Wash + Lotion II + Emulsion + Creamy Cleansing + Cream + 2x Eye Masks 7pcs
$36.99 to $60.28
From 3 Stores
Kose Medicated Seikisho Pure Brightener 80g
Kose Medicated Sekkisei 200ml/6.7oz
$59.67 to $62.00
From 5 Stores
Kose Medicated Sekkisei 360ml/12oz
$108.61 to $98.50
From 5 Stores
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Cream 40g/1.2oz
$63.69 to $69.00
From 3 Stores
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Cream Excellent 50g
$26.16 to $131.00
From 14 Stores
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Day Milk UV Spf25 50ml/1.7oz
$44.95 to $72.00
From 5 Stores
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion Excellent 140ml/4.6oz
$52.32 to $83.00
From 6 Stores
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Essence Mask 6x24ml
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Lotion Excellent 200ml
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Massage Mask 150g/5oz
$81.17 to $73.50
From 4 Stores
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Milk 140ml/4.9oz
$75.20 to $71.00
From 5 Stores
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Recovery Essence Excellent 50ml
Kose Medicated Sekkisei SPF50+ PA+++ (New Package) 60g/2oz
Kose Medicated Sekkisei Set ( Sekkisei 360ml + Sekkisei Milk 20ml ) 2pcs
$114.58 to $98.95
From 3 Stores
Kose Moisture Skin Repair - Advanced High Quality Moisture Care 100ml
Kose Moisture Skin Repair - Advanced High Quality Moisture Care 50ml
Kose Moisture Skin Repair - Cream 40g/1.3oz
Kose Seikisho Mask 75ml/2.7oz
$40.95 to $46.00
From 2 Stores
Kose Seikisho Perfect Cleansing Oil 185ml
Kose Seikisho Perfect Cleansing Oil 330ml/11oz
$50.95 to $55.00
From 3 Stores
Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream 20ml/0.7oz
$78.77 to $74.00
From 5 Stores
Kose Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream 140g/4.9oz
Kose Sekkisei Supreme Moisturizer I 140ml
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About Kose
Most people associate the leading lights of the cosmetics industry with countries such as the USA, France and perhaps the UK. However, over the last few years Japan has also been proving that it can complete in the world of beauty and cosmetics. One prominent Japanese cosmetics company is Kose, which was founded in 1946 with the aim of developing and producing top quality cosmetics. Although originally intended for the Japanese cosmetics industry, it wasn’t long before people caught on to the luxurious quality of Kose and it was exported to the USA and all across Europe. One of the reasons for Kose’s remarkable success is that it is able to recognise the various individual needs of the market and tailor to those needs.

For example, Kose’s campaign strategy in Asia includes the use of popular national icons as the spokespeople, such as pop star BoA in South Korea and singer Evonne Hsu in Taiwan. With its unique style and clarity of vision, Kose markets a large number of cosmetics brands, some of them instantly recognisable such as Elégance, Beauté de Kose, Cosme Decorte, and Anna Sui. Many of the ranges are unique and contain special ingredients and properties such as the popular Seikisho and Junkisui beauty lines, which contain herbal ingredients that care for your skin while making it shine with natural beauty. Kose cosmetics can be found in department stores, cosmetics chain stores, drug stores, supermarkets and specialist beauty shops. Today, women all around the world are discovering the beauty of Kose and using it to enhance and transform their own natural beauty.

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