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Clarins Super Restorative Collection: Serum 30ml + Day Cream 15ml + Night Cream 15ml + Neck Concentrate 10ml + Bag 4pcs+1bag
Clarins Super Restorative Set: Day Cream + Body Care + Night Wear 3pcs
$152.41 to $176.30
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About Clarins
Jacques Courtin-Clarins has always been known for his vision and unique thinking. In 1954 the French born medical student decided to transform the lives of women by creating an innovative range of skin care products using purely natural ingredients. Having a good understanding of the needs and desires of women, Jacques Courtin-Clarins knew of the female wish to be desirable balanced with the want to be natural and respect the planet. After extensive research he launched his own company, which today specializes in skin and hair care products, perfumes and also a range of women's clothing. The products became an immediate success, proving that Courtin-Clarins truly understood what women want. The Clarins Group has gone from strength to strength ever since and in the early nineties became the European leader in skin care products.

The company began its international campaign in the early 1970s, and is today well loved in more than 150 countries around the world. The mighty company is divided into four main brands; Clarins, Thierry Mugler, Azzaro and Stella Cadente. In 2000 the company became a family affair when Jasques Courtin-Clarins made his son Christian company chairman. The Clarins group is proof that one man's unique vision and understanding can change the image of the cosmetics industry and provide women around the world with products they can feel good about using. The great thing about Clarins products is that they not only make you look great, they make your skin feel good too, a truly winning combination.

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